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Entering the Terminal / Boarding the Ferry

Golden Gate Ferry operates from four (4) locations - Larkspur, San Francisco, Sausalito, and Tiburon. Larkspur Ferry customers must pay when parking in the Larkspur Terminal lot on weekdays between 5am and 1pm. The San Francisco, Sausalito, and Tiburon locations have paid parking lots nearby. Read more about our 4 locations

Please have your fare payment ready as you approach the fare gate. Ferry customers without tickets or a Clipper card should arrive at the terminal at least 20 minutes prior to departure time to allow time to purchase tickets. Everyone needs to pay his/her fair share. Read more on ferry fares

Passengers are responsible for handling their own luggage and personal belongings. Luggage must be attended to at all times, must not block aisles or doorways, and may not be placed on seats or in wheelchair securement areas.

On the Ferry

Seat-saving for other passengers is not allowed. As a courtesy, please reserve seats identified for seniors or persons with disabilities.

Guide dogs and other working service animals are always permitted on Golden Gate Ferry. Other animals and pets are permitted aboard ferries provided they are in, and remain in, airline-approved hand-carried containers.

Remember - No Smoking Aboard Ferries. Smoking, including "vaping" of electronic cigarettes ("e-cigarettes"), is prohibited aboard Golden Gate Ferries, in ferry terminal waiting areas, and ticket purchasing areas. Pursuant to California Penal Code Section 640, smoking in any of these areas is an infraction, punishable by a fine not to exceed $250 and by community service. Please observe the regulation.

Please observe "No Cellphone" areas. When using a cell phone in a designated cell phone area on the ferry, please keep your voice low and your conversations to a minimum so as not disturb your fellow passengers. Please also minimize incoming calls when possible, use the silent/vibrate ringer option, and refrain from using cell phones in the voluntary "cell phone free" areas of the vessel. You may be asked to stop using your cell phone. Keep it short, keep it down, keep it quiet, or keep it off! Read more on cell phone use

Take your belongings with you when walking about the vessel. All unattended items are subject to immediate disposal.

The use of personal media devices, radios, tape players, mini-televisions, or similar devices is permitted on ferries only with headphones or earphones and when other passengers are not disturbed.

Personal grooming is not permitted on vessels. This includes clipping fingernails and toenails, putting on perfume, combing hair, etc.

Do not act or make comments that could be perceived as threatening to other passengers or ferry personnel. Under the Patriot Act of 2001, violent acts against mass transportation workers, vehicles, and facilitiies are federal crimes. Restricted areas, including the pilothouse, navigator's bridge, and concession areas, are off-limits to passengers.

Disembarking the Ferry

Be prepared to disembark the vessel promptly upon arrival at the terminal. Customers with bicycles should be with your bike upon arriving at the terminal and follow special instructions for disembarking the ferry with your bike. This helps maintain an "on time" schedule. You can start gathering your belongings as soon as you hear the arrival announcement. Forget something? Read our lost and found policy


When maritime security is heightened, passengers may be subject to screening. Mandatory search is required when security levels reach high alert (MARSEC III). Your cooperation is mandatory and it is appreciated if all carry on items are open and ready for inspection prior to entering the terminal waiting areas.

Passenger capacity varies from vessel to vessel. Read more about the GGF fleet

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