April 10, 2006




Update on Projects Impacting Larkspur Ferry Customers



East Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Widening Project

The Transportation Authority of Marin (in collaboration with Caltrans and the City of Larkspur) reports that the widening of East Sir Francis Drake Blvd at U.S.101 northbound on/off ramps has been delayed due to weather. To complete this work, about four weeks of dry weather are required. Given the recent weather patterns, it is now anticipated that the work will be completed in May 2006. Once completed, this project will add an additional left-turn lane on westbound East Sir Francis Drake Blvd and restore a third westbound lane below the U.S. Highway101 structure for traffic heading southbound on U.S. Highway 101.


Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Signal Retiming Project

This project will retime all 12 traffic signals on Sir Francis Drake Blvd between Larkspur Landing Circle East and Maple Avenue in Kentfield. All traffic signals along this stretch of road will be timed to favor predominant traffic flow. For example, evening westbound traffic from Larkspur Ferry Terminal should not encounter a RED signal at US101 off/on-ramps. This project is being undertaken by the County of Marin (in collaboration with Caltrans and the City of Larkspur) and will proceed once the above widening project is completed.  It must also be done when schools are in session to reflect those traffic conditions. The project is now anticipated to be completed sometime toward the end of 2006.