Impacts to Visitors, Motorists, Bicyclists, and Pedestrians from Roadway Construction and/or Events

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Roadway Construction & Closures

  • PARKING LOTS CLOSED WEEKENDS & HOLIDAYS: From Memorial Day through Labor Day weekends, GGB parking lots will be closed to personal vehicles. Click for more info...
  • TRAFFIC ADVISORY—Battery East Road & Trail: Beginning in May 2018, pedestrians & bicyclists should be prepared to stop or slow down for construction traffic on Battery East Road and Trail. Click for more info...

Scheduled Events on Sidewalks, Roadway & Surrounding Areas

For events scheduled on the East Sidewalk: The East Sidewalk remains open to other users unless otherwise noted below. For events scheduled on the West Sidewalk: The West Sidewalk may be closed to bicycles during specific events; if this occurs, bicycles may have to use bike shuttles or may be allowed on the East Sidewalk – refer to the information below.

(Permit Issued or Permit Application in Process)
Approx. No. of Participants
July 2018
Sunday, July 29
2am - 9:15am
The San Francisco Marathon
August 2018
Saturday, August 4
6am - 8am
The Ridge Trail Run
Under GGB & Lower Conzelman Road
September 2018
Saturday, September 22
7:30am - 10am
Waves to Wine
GGB Welcome Center Plaza, Under GGB at Tunnel, West Sidewalk
October 2018
Saturday, October 13
9am - 3pm
NDV 1st Annual Opportunity Ride
West Sidewalk & Under GGB at Tunnel
Sunday, October 21
8am - 10am
Run 10 Feed 10
West Sidewalk & Under GGB Tunnel